IPv6 für Google2FA - Zwei-Faktor Authentifizierung für Zarafa/Kopano WebApp | Zarafa/Kopano WebApp Plugin allows the use of Google two-factor authentication

Download and installation

For the following Google2FA version you have to use WebApp version 2.2 or bigger.

Download “Google2FA”

google2fa_v0.6.0.zip – 6074-mal heruntergeladen – 304.46 KB
Tested on:
Kopano WebApp 3.4.4 - Kopano Core 8.4.5
Release notes:
- Port configuration for MySQL
- Function to use DeskApp without two-factor authentication
- Fix problem with using trusted proxies

Please add new variables in config.php - see config_default.php!

MD5 Hash: 56399ba0c4221f38d0293bfbcfe5ba75

If you use an older WebApp version (2.0 und 2.1) please use the following Google2FA version:

Google2FA (805 Downloads)


The DeskApp only works without 2FA (configure whitelist in config.php).

  • Download plugin and unzip to plugin Folder.
    (/usr/share/zarafa-webapp/plugins/ or /usr/share/kopano-webapp/plugins/)
  • Create config.php
    (cp google2fa/config_default.php google2fa/config.php)
  • (Re)Start the browser and Zarafa WebApp.

Now, in the settings, the two-factor authentication can be configured and activated.

–> Installation Guide Google Authenticator

If you like this plugin, I am pleased to receive a donation.

  • Change to the WebApp plugin folder
    (/usr/share/zarafa-webapp/plugins/ or /usr/share/kopano-webapp/plugins/)
  • Make a backup of the plugin
    (zip -r google2fa_old.zip google2fa/)
  • Download new version, unzip file (replace all files!)
  • See if there are other parameters in the config_default.php – make a diff with your config.php
    (diff google2fa/config.php google2fa/config_default.php)
  • Remove old and add new parameters, f.e. with vi
    (vi google2fa/config.php)